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The following international directory consists of individuals currently working in mathematics education in Saudi Arabia

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Al Mufleh, Khalaf,, Department of Educational Supervision, Riyadh Schools for Boys and Girls and American High School Diploma, Al Nasrieh, Riyadh (11441),Saudi Arabia,  00966562538682

Alshehri, Zafer,, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education, Abha, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia, (+966) (7) 504785697, Fax: (+966) (7) 2418147

Hussein, Hisham,, Department of Curriculum and Instruction; College of Teachers; King Saud University; Riyadh;Saudi Arabia; Mobil: (+966) 5 0551 4695; Fax (+966) 1 2088392 Ext 111,

Makoshi, Abdullah,, Department of Curriculum and Instruction; College of Education; King Saud University; Riyadh; Saudi Arabia; Tel: (966) 468 3683; Fax (966) 467 4609; Research interests: Cognitive Development, Attitudes, Evaluation, Comparitive Studies.

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